Matthew Cross was part of Starfleet's Banshee Squadron project in the New Canada system starting in 2383. He was in charge of overall mission operations, while Commander Lee Carter was in charge of the flight wing. He occasionally flew the squadron's Cat's-Eye recon vessel in support of the Banshees.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Matthew Cross was a stern commanding officer. He was normally not tolerant of lax discipline, but practiced longsuffering towards the Banshees because it worked for them so well. Private, not inclined to discuss himself or his personal life. Enjoyed keeping a stony, unflappable facade in front of his subordinates, but also enjoyed letting hints of emotion slip through on rare occasions just to see the reaction from his crew.

Family[edit | edit source]

Matthew was married. No children. He had a younger brother named Nathan, also in Starfleet.

History[edit | edit source]

Captain Matthew Cross had oversight of Banshee Squadron during the Mulluran Wars and a short while thereafter.

Cross suffered a near-death experience on the other side of the Black Gate and was only saved through the actions of a local youth. (The Black Gate (Banshee Squadron episode)) He fought off a temporal incursion by the Suliban. (Humanity (Banshee Squadron episode))

After the Banshee Squadron was disbanded, he took a vacation with his wife. The starliner they were on was attacked by unknown aliens and everyone was killed. (Q'Thalas (Banshee Squadron episode))

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