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Lieutenant Commander Maya Stadi was a Betazoid serving in Starfleet during the late 24th century. In 2384, she was assigned to the USS Odyssey as tactical officer. (Star Trek: Odyssey)

Starfleet carreer[]

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Assigned to the Odyssey just before its launch from Deep Space 12 in 2384. During its first mission to the Andromeda galaxy, she was one of the few senior officers who survived their surgical strike on the Archein gateway. ("Illiad")

Personal life and relationships[]

Maya Stadi had a sister serving as conn officer on the USS Voyager. She was killed when the Voyager was displaced to the Delta Quadrant. ("The Wine Dark Sea")

Stadi often clashed with Subcommander T'Lorra, the Romulan observer who was acting first officer of the Odyssey while it was stranded in Andromeda. ("Illiad", "The Wine Dark Sea", "The Lotus Eaters")

Memorable quote[]

"Commander, we have a new problem."
"Tell me something good, Stadi."
"We've got bad guys behind us, something scary in front of us, and oh, warp drive could fail at any moment. How's Conner?"
"Dead. I'm in command."
"That was payback for my good news, wasn't it?"
— Lt. Maya Stadi and Lt.Cdr. Ro Nevin, "Illiad"

First appearance[]

Star Trek: Odyssey: "Illiad"