Crewman Mehmet Burakgazi is a human colonist from the planet of Nivoch on the Federation side of the Demilitarized Zone. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Burakgazi was among the Starfleet personnel taken prisoner by Cardassians in 2375 during the Dominion War and interned at the Lessek prisoner-of-war camp. As it turned out, however, these Cardassians were anti-Dominion rebels, and along with the ranking officer at the camp, Mike Spirodopoulos, Burakgazi became a member of a combined Cardassian-Starfleet rebel force, the Thirteenth Order.

As a member of the Thirteenth Order, Burakgazi was chosen for an infiltration team by Gul Macet, in large part due to his greater-than-average knowledge of Cardassian language and culture, which made him less of a liability in navigating the Cardassian shipyard. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)


As a native of Nivoch, Burakgazi speaks Federation Standard with a strong DMZ borderworld dialect. This Cardăsda-influenced dialect means that sometimes he uses expressions with Cardassian origin or imposes Cardăsda sentence structure upon his Federation Standard, sometimes favoring a verb-first, subject-last syntax as a result. If this similarity were pointed out to him, however, he would be likely to find the mention of it offensive.

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