Milena 128 was a Hermat Flight controller on the USS Crusader serving under Captain Candela Greene. S/he was born on Mars in 2360 and raised by hir mother Milena 125 on Amphibalus III. (Star Trek Crusader)

Early lifeEdit

Milena 128's father Douglas Barris was a freighter captain, who was stranded on Amphibalus III when he met hir mother. In 2358 he brought hir mother to Mars. Unable to fit in s/he went back to Amphibalus III in 2360. Showing an interest in social activities, and a need to reach for the stars. Hir outgoing personality would lead hir to join Starfleet Academy in 2373.


Graduating in 2377, Milena 128 was posted on the USS Victoria as a shuttlecraft pilot. She would become one of the best shuttle pilots in the fleet. In 2380 she transferred to the USS Striker, and become a fighter pilot. By 2388 she would once again change titles to Flight controller, and transfer to the USS Crusader the following year.

In 2389, s/he piloted the Orion Avatar shuttle to Wrigley IV, where Eric Kramer, and Yvette Mintos took shore leave. S/he would meet an alien female named K'Taria, who has the ability to change the color of her skin at will. Orion Syndicate operative Aleeza, and Fajah planned to steal critical data from the shuttle concerning the Omega molecule and Protoculture, but were foiled by security protocols. They would drug Melina 128, and use hir to obtain the information. Fortunately, K'Taria would find, and free Kramer, and Mintos, and rescue hir.

Service JacketEdit


  • Star Trek Crusader: Wrigley's Pleasure Planet
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