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Kate Sheridan comes face to face with her past when she and several other Argus crew members are sent to recapture a hijacked Federation starship. Meanwhile, Sara Parker discovers a hidden signal that could have huge repercussions for the Argus and her crew.

Story notes[]

  • This story takes place at the same time as "Message in a Bottle", telling the story from the Federation point of view.


  • Captain Robert Styles is presumed to be a descendant of USS Excelsior's Captain Lawrence H. Styles and was the original Commanding officer of the USS Argus.
  • Captain Styles' thoughts on correcting the Prometheus' registry come from the appearance of two different registries for the ship in the Voyager episode. The exterior shots of the ship displayed "NX-59650", while the Master Situation Display on the bridge displayed "NX-74913". "NX-74913" is considered the Prometheus' correct registry in Argus continuity.
  • Doctor Haysbert referring to the EMH Mark II as "Andy" is a nod to Andy Dick who played the Hologram in the Voyager episode.
  • Dr. Haysbert's replicator creating the wrong colour uniform for him explains why Voyager's EMH finds him in an Operations division uniform shortly before he dies in "Message in a Bottle".

Chapter 1[]

Chapter 2[]

Chapter 3[]

  • Deep Space Six being a Vanguard-class starbase is a nod to the novel series Star Trek: Vanguard.
  • Kara Tarm's appearance here the beginning of a long-running subplot that runs through the first three seasons of Argus.

Chapter 4[]

  • This chapter is an alternate view of the first several scenes of "Message in a Bottle"'s fifth act.
  • The two security officers who beam onto the Prometheus' bridge in "Message in a Bottle" are identified in this story as Lieutenant Bower and Lieutenant Taylor. Bower first appeared in "Trial By Fire" and is a reoccurring character in Argus.

Chapter 5[]


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USS Alexander; Akira-class; USS Bonchune; Michael Bower; USS Constitution; Deep Space Six; USS Defender; Defiant-class; Ebonez; EMH Mark II; Susana Flores; Forcas III; Admiral Hayes; Marcus Haysbert; Celia Hudson; William Johnson; Mullins; Orias Pax; USS Prometheus; Juan Roldán; Admiral Rothschild ; Sherman's Planet; USS Spector; Robert Styles; Sullivan; Kara Tarm; Taylor; Naomi Tsukino; Vanguard-class; Vasquez

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