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As Vice President of Farragut Films, Michael Bednar works directly with the President to provide strategic leadership, tactical management, goal setting, and performance monitoring. He directs all day-to-day activities in the company and is responsible for efficient operations management and quality of company productions.

Michael has over fifteen years of progressive Information Technology (IT) expertise and has leveraged his career experience as a high level IT Technician for the U.S. Government by overseeing all IT aspects of Farragut Films to include website oversight; network configuration and installation; building and configuring customized computers for staff and volunteers; and procurement and testing of assorted IT equipment. He also develops and implements procedural guidelines on specific applications and provides training to IT support personnel within the organization. He maintains documentation and knowledge bases for the IT infrastructure and is currently integrating Farragut Films’ electronic mail manager system with the website in order to provide a better continuity of information and communication processes.

Michael has used the opportunity to stretch his acting wings by portraying the role of First Officer Robert Tacket in Farragut Films’ Starship Farragut project. He has received many accolades from fans based on his natural presence on screen and his above average acting ability.

In addition, Michael’s extraordinary talent in model building, a side business that he has done professionally since 1993, qualifies him to supply Farragut Films’ productions with all of their props. Furthermore, to the delight of colleagues and fans alike, he has taken the lead role in detailing set furnishings with an unrivaled attention to detail. His special effects and electronic skills add believability and realism to Starship Farragut’s 23rd century equipment.

In December of 2011, Bednar and the Starship Farragut production became embroiled in a controversial incident between their production(originally based in Washington D.C. and now located in St. Mary's, Georgia)and the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based Star Trek fan film production Starship Ajax. An incident concerning the construction, sudden deconstruction, and disappearance of unfinished interior sets owned and used by the Ajax production. The incident immediately led to a well documented conflict on the Trek BBS that same month, where both accusations and deniability were made on both sides by current and former members from the two productions, as to who was involved. The conflict finally led to the implication, identification, and involvement of certain members of the Starship Farragut production crew and administrative personnel, thereafter.

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