Michael Redman was the chief engineer aboard the USS Crusader (NCC-51492). Known for his playful nature, he picked up the nickname King Ding-a-ling. (Star Trek Crusader)

In 2382, he was assigned to the USS Peru as the flight controller. He changed transferred to the engineering division in 2384.

Redman successfully reverse-engineered a Zentradi energy dampening mine, which, in turn, helped capture a pirate ship in 2387. He also installed 2 holosuites on the Crusader.

A year later, Starfleet ordered the holosuites be removed, but, during a refit, Redman found a way of keeping them.

Services jacket[edit | edit source]

  • USS Peru 2382 - 2385
  • USS Peru 2385 - 2387
  • USS Crusader, 2387 -

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