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Michele Tyler
Mirro Ms. Tyler.jpg
ISS Eagle
Species: human
Gender: female
Born: 2240
Hair: brown
Rank: captain

Michele Tyler was a member of the Terran Empire’s Imperial Starfleet of Mirror universe. In 2269, she was assigned as science officer, second in command in the ISS Eagle under Captain Zach Banner . Only a few days after launch, Ms. Tyler discovered that her captain had a device that could bring a ship to the parallel universe. She knew that contact with that universe was banned by the Empire. Her loyalty to the Empire forced her to act. She confronted the captain, but after a brief fight, Banner was able to escape in one of the Eagle’s attack shuttles. Even after a chase through an asteroid belt between Banner’s shuttle and the Eagle’s fighters, Banner was able to escape to the parallel universe. With the Eagle’s captain gone, (for now), Ms. Tyler assumed the position of captain with Clause Elberg as her first officer. Several days later, the USS Eagle crossed into the Mirror universe while using Banner’s device. She attempted to kill Banner by destroying the ship, but it crossed into the neutral zone between the Terran Empire and the Romulan Republic. Before she was able to fire on the USS Eagle, three Romulan Birds-of Prays forced her to fall back. After that point her fate was uncertain. (Star Trek: Eagle)

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