Star Trek Expanded Universe

Ragoç Midzour Prashek was a Cardassian man who served aboard the CUW Ghiletz until his detachment to guard the prisoners at the secret camp on Lessek, where four guls were keeping Starfleet prisoners without the knowledge of the Dominion or the rest of their people. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order)

In this capacity, Prashek was put in charge of a small group of Starfleet personnel as a member of one of the "KP squads," though Prashek, like Aurelian squad-mate Ngaer, was a poor cook and earned the displeasure of many of the prisoners. This placement, however, created interspecies bonds in the group--which was exactly the effect that prison commander Va'Kust intended.

Prashek was also one of the guards who summoned Lieutenant Commander Mike Spirodopoulos in the middle of the night to hear the proposal of the four guls, that the prisoners willingly join the rebel Cardassians in the battle against the Dominion.

Prashek fought in the ground action during the Thirteenth Order's Battle of Lessek, and was killed when his Hidekiy-class fighter was accidentally destroyed during a dangerous full-impulse atmospheric ascent. His loss was mourned by Ensign Rashad, another member of the planetside KP squad he led.