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Mikaela Allenby was a Federation Starfleet science officer, and later line officer, on duty in the 23rd century of the Avalon Universe.

In 2271, Allenby got more than she bargained for when she left Starbase 12 and set out on a rescue mission in search of Lt. Ahyoka, a warp coil design specialist who had disappeared testing a new engine configuration. Her search lead her to crash land her shuttle on a deserted planet in Sheliak space, once used by the hostile species to strip-mine uridium ore. (Avalon Universe: "Agent of New Worlds")

Commodore Imari Jakande, who had become commanding officer of the USS Excalibur, requested Allenby to be his new first officer, as no one else wanted the job due to Excalibur's reputation. By 2273, Allenby had been promoted to full commander. She informed Derek Mason and Jamie Archer that their friends, Captain Lance Ramirez and Commander Amanda Beck, had gone missing 2 1/2 years before. ("Agent of New Worlds")

Background information[]

Allenby was a native of a planet of Beta Kupsic and was a self described "OCD Drama Queen". She had an infamous reputation for "looking for adventure in all the wrong places".

Her passion was the study of science. In particular, she was fascinated with the fabric of space-time, multi-dimensional dynamics, and theories of the Multiverse. Her most widely known theory postulated that all of multiversal space-time flowed through a focal point in a higher plane of existence that she named the Cosmic Stream.

Prime Universe[]

Mikaela Allenby's Prime Universe doppelgänger was a starship commanding officer ("Agent of New Worlds"), whose brother was the direct ancestor of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)'s flight controller, Tess Allenby, born 100 to 110 years later. (TNG: "Final Mission", "The Loss", "Suspicions")

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