Star Trek Expanded Universe
Miles Edward O'Brien
Smiley O'Brien.jpg
Actor: Colm Meaney
Species: human
Gender: male
Born: 1 September 2331
Hair: reddish brown
Eyes: brown
Affiliation: Terran rebellion
Title: rebel leader
Stationed: Terok Nor
Rank: Captain

Miles O'Brien, nicknamed "Smiley", was the mirror universe counterpart of Miles O'Brien in the primary universe. He became the commanding officer of the Defiant and a prominent leader of the rebellion to free Terrans and Vulcans from the tyranny of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Kruge thought he was very much like a Terran rebel from an earlier era. ("A Debt of Honor")


In 2371, Smiley transported to the primary universe to acquire a copy of Deep Space 9's database and Captain Benjamin Sisko's help in fighting the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. While aboard the station, he visited Quark and acquired additional starship schematics on the USS Phoenix-X. Sometime after returning to the Mirror universe, he began construction on the mirror Phoenix-X. Unfortunately, and unlike the quick construction of the mirror Defiant, his efforts with the Phoenix-X would prove tedious as the ship took four years to construct. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass", Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Pure Evil", "Mirrorlyness!", "Broken Pieces")

In 2382, while on patrol with the mirror Defiant, Smiley discovered an Iso-star which transported him to the primary universe. There, he found that the crew of the Phoenix-X had captured Mirror universe criminals bent on joining the Alliance, who were all contained aboard the mirror B`Chnah. He then towed the ship back into the Mirror universe. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Mirrorlyness!")

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