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The Miranda class was a class of starship that saw service in Starfleet during the 23rd and 24th centuries. A versatile vessel they saw service as combatants (usually classified as light cruisers, transports, supply ships and science vessels).


There were several noted Starfleet officers from a family with the surname of Miranda. The ship class and the lead vessel was named after this family. (TNG novel: The Best and the Brightest)

Alternate nomenclature[]

The class and lead ship were named after a character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest, though possibly also after one of the numerous satellites of Uranus, in the Sol system.


Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era[]

The Miranda was designed during the late-2260s as part of Starfleet's Exploratory Vessel Initiative to take advantage of the new technologies that had been developed for the Constitution-class refit program. It was designed as a highly adaptable vessel that could fill any role from surveyor to combat cruiser.

Entering service in 2274, the Mirandas adaptability along with its ease of construction saw Starfleet construct large numbers of these vessels. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 4: Starships of the Original Series Era)

Star Fleet Battles[]

As wartime began to loom on the horizon, the Federation took a serious look at their shipbuilding program. It was noted that the excellent command cruiser took too long to build and that the destroyer design had serious limitations on its combat capability. Famed designer Ray Olesen was tasked to produce an improved design. The result was the “new” light cruiser.

The Miranda-class used the primary hull section of the Saladin-class, with some modifications, and it used a pair of more efficient warp nacelles. The Mirandas replaced Saladins in the production program on a one for one basis. The design was so successful that the Miranda was used as the basis for many variants. There existed at least three variants of this class.

New drone cruiser[]

Impressed with the ability of the Klingon missile bombardment ships to provide an additional concentration of firepower, the Federation designed this long-range missile bombardment ship using the Miranda hull as a basis. Technical problems delayed its introduction into Starfleet service. (Star Fleet Battles)

Commando variant[]

With the supply of old hulls dwindling rapidly during wartime, the Federation developed this design to replace the Commando Cruiser. While it lacked the Commando Cruiser’s ability to land directly on planets and was not as well armed, it had better shielding, was able to operate with other Miranda hulls, and had a larger shuttlebay.(Star Fleet Battles)

Light command cruiser[]

This ship was intended as a substitute for command cruisers. Proven inadequate in that role, it was used as a command cruiser for Miranda squadrons. (Star Fleet Battles)

New heavy cruiser (NCA)[]

Faced with the shortage of heavy cruiser hulls, the Federation (like many other interstellar governments) looked to its war cruiser design and created a “new heavy cruiser” that could be assembled in shipyards that were building light cruisers (leaving the Constitution-class shipyards free to build Gettysburg-class ships). The addition of the rear hull and the small center engine increased power, versatility, and range. (Star Fleet Battles)

New heavy command cruiser (NCC)[]

A variant of the NCA, the NCC added command, communication and control abilities, and a small increase in firepower. It wasn’t considered a very successful class, as it was too expensive to produce in meaningful numbers and was too easily destroyed in combat. (Star Fleet Battles)

The Starfleet Museum[]

The Miranda and her sister ships, the first Federation starship class to have the warp nacelles directly attached to a command hull, were first built in 2265.

Star Trek: Avenger/Star Trek: Shadowstar Station[]

In these continuities, some Surya-class vessels were upgraded to Avenger-class heavy frigates in the 2250s.

The Mirandas were new-build ships based on the Avenger-class spaceframe and first commissioned c. 2283. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Cabin Fever", Starship Spotter)


There were eight iterations of the Miranda class between 2271 and 2363. (Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator: Miranda Class XI Cruiser)


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