Star Trek Expanded Universe
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Miratu (mirror).

Miratu was a 24th century Orion privateer and captain of the Size Matters, a rickety freighter fitted with a 23rd century-style bridge from a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. She often wore drab, loose-fitting clothing, trying to hide a rather shapely figure, in order to downplay the reputation of Orion women as sex objects. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

In 2385 she ferried the Cadre aboard the SM from Starbase 587 to Romulan space. Her "wormhole pass" had expired a month before, requiring Jordan Rampart to re-invoke it in order to clear her ship's passage with Starfleet authorities.

Something of a pirate, Miratu employed a motley assortment of aliens on her ship, including a Frusian named "Blackie" (whom Rampart called "Mr. Orange"), a humanoid helmsman named Torr, a pair of Miradorn twins, a handful of Orions and humans, and an individual of unspecified race named Yanic. When one of her operators assaulted Brett Sterling, embarrassing her after she offered hospitality to the Cadre, Miratu eked a particularly severe punishment, ending with the man's death. (Star Trek: Cadre)


Partly inspired by Bobbi Sue Luther's portrayal of an Orion female in "Borderland" (ENT), the character of Miratu was made to challenge the stereotype of Orion women as "sex slaves". To this end, her character incorporated an inspirational element from the character of "Mary Mac" in Peter David's novel Imzadi.