Molecular reversion field diagram

Graphic of a molecular reversion field

A molecular reversion field was a spatial anomaly that could interfere with transporter patterns and the molecular structures of objects passing through it. A shuttle from the Enterprise-D encountered one in 2369, where a transport beam through the phenomenon "de-aged" the occupants who were on board. (TNG: "Rascals")


In 2383, the USS Phoenix-X transported Kayl, a woman so aged, she was close to death, off of an alien ship trapped in a molecular reversion field. The transport "de-aged" her into a healthy, young, adult. Lieutenant Commander Kugo speculated that the power of the transporters, which were much stronger on most Starfleet vessels by this year-- as compared to the Enterprise-D's, 15 years earlier-- may have prevented Kayl from becoming a child. The Phoenix-X also became trapped within this field. But after repolarizing the hull to deflect the field, the ship was released. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Life 2")

Sometime before 2406, several crews and their starships, including Captains Reynolds, Menrow, Iviok and Aeris were caught in a massive molecular reversion field, intermixed with an ion storm, the result of which caused everyone involved to undergo a reduction in age. The trauma from the accident caused all included to temporarily lose years of memories. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Delta Recruit")

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