Monica Covey served as commanding officer of Deep Space 9. She had a reputation for being jocular, but also a stickler for protocol. (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

USS ShantungEdit

Monica's first assignment as a cadet was aboard this ship. (Dark Territory: "The Crucible")

USS TenzingEdit

Around 2363, Covey served as first officer on the Tenzing. While on leave on Risa, she had a brief romantic relationship with Commander William Riker.

USS CuffeEdit

Covey had been the first officer aboard the Cuffe. There she met Donald Sandhurst, whom had been serving as an engineer.

Alshain negotiationsEdit

In 2373, Covey was instrumental in bringing the Alshain into the Dominion War, opening up a fourth front that helped speed up the Federation Alliance’s ultimate victory. She had earned her fourth pip for the effort.

USS ChevalierEdit

As a captain of the Chevalier, a Nova-class vessel, she made Sandhurst her chief engineer.

Cardassian recoveryEdit

Covey was the driving force behind training the Cardassian Security Forces in less repressive techniques immediately after the end of the Dominion War.

Starbase 71Edit

In February of 2376, she promoted Donald Sandhurst to captain the USS Gibraltar. Monica then assigned her adjutant-to-be, Liana Ramirez, as his first officer, over her objections.

Deep Space 9Edit

In May 2376, Admiral Covey assumed command of DS9 after the former commander, Colonel Kira Nerys, suffered brain damage. She primarily coordinated the Cardassian aid effort and counter-insurgency operations from the station. A Bajoran Colonel, Jatarn Yaro, was the de facto station chief.

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