"Mosquito" was the forty-first episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the sixteenth episode of the second season.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Phoenix-X encounters a large space creature called a Trump which destroys the planet Eluvae IV right before them. Before the crew can destroy the creature, it disappears from sight. Meanwhile, Lox is put into the brig for the unexplained death of one of his patients only a few hours after a visit to Sickbay. Out in space, the Phoenix-X tracks down a small Eluvae ship of survivors. Inside, the occupants are flustered and upset - unable to speak correctly - but somehow manage to warn of a shadow-man that was also killing their people (before the Trump attack). Back on the ship, more and more people fall ill to the same sickness that killed Lox's previous patient. Lox does all he can to figure out what is going on, while battling his own inner loyalty to the crew of the Phoenix-X.

When the Phoenix-X gets to Earth, Doctors Julian Bashir and Beverly Crusher are forced to help find a cure. To Lox's dismay at needing their help, he suddenly conjures up the perfect cure, which utilizes the gene samples of each specific patient. Quickly creating it, he runs off to administer help to the crew. But when narrowing down the number of sick people, he discovers the shadow-man: a Trump Parasite that has attracted the Trump itself. Such a parasite, appearing to be completely black, is capable of jumping in and out of occupants' bodies.

In the meantime, the large Trump creature exposes itself and its hiding place, by flying out of the ocean, near Florida, and into space - revealing its true motives: to destroy the Trump Parasite.

Lox leads the Trump Parasite onto the Eluvae ship, where all its occupants have died. He then leads the parasite to a shelf of vials filled with DNA - organic DNA being the main occupying area of the parasite. As soon as the parasite is trapped within the vials, Lox beams back to the Phoenix-X and allows the Eluvae ship to be destroyed by the Trump creature. The creature then disappears out of sight, having completed its business. After these actions, Lox has proven himself to the crew and himself.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"Only I can hear it, just like last time. It's coming from something... something alien."

"You will only find honor in sacrificing your own life now."

"Aren't you guys needed on other ships or space stations?"

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • With the destruction of the small Eluvae ship, it is apparent that the entire species of the Eluvae are now extinct. But Lox saves copies of DNA samples from the ship before it is destroyed. He later recovers the civilization in the episode "Civilization".
  • In this episode, the special medical shuttle Angel Wing is acquired. It would later be destroyed in the episode "Transphasic Meltdown".

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