Multi-adaptive shielding was a type of shielding developed by Erin and Magnus Hansen. The shielding constantly changed its sensor signature and proved adept at masking a starship from detection by Borg sensors. (VOY: "Dark Frontier")

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Before the USS Raven got pulled by the transwarp conduit that led to the Delta Quadrant, her crew tracked down a Borg cube for eight months, much of which was spent in Romulan space. The Tal Shiar searched the ship as she made her resupply stop and searched her logs. As it turns out, the Tal Shiar had not impounded the ship, nor that it found the ship (or her crew) in violation of the Treaty of Algeron and it uploaded the schematics of the multi-adaptive shielding technology. However, it took about 25 years to complete the reverse engineering because the Romulan Senate did not see any utility to this technology. (RIS Bouteina)

The multi-adaptive shielding technology was outfitted on the Norexan-class ships outfitted with the Bouteina refit as an upgrade of their tactical systems. The Romulans saw the multi-adaptive shielding as an interesting component to add to their cloaking device in the event of a battle against the Borg.

It is quite ironic that the RIS Bouteina was chosen to serve as the Romulan testbed of this technology, combined to the cloaking device, since the inventors of the multi-adaptive shielding were, technically, the biological parents of her commanding officer.

Annika Hansen was selected to command the Bouteina because she was the one who possessed the most knowledge of how Federation operated in regards of both multi-adaptive shielding and exploration missions. Her crew found that using both the multi-adaptive shielding and the cloaking device at the same time made a temporary loss of power between 10 to 15%. (RIS Bouteina: "The Departure")

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