NCC-69435 was the registry of a Peregrine-class fighter assigned to USS Hastings pilot Sonya Fiehrer.

In 2373, flight team leader Johnathan Bucyrus borrowed the fighter and flew new Hastings XO Patrick Ingrum to an unknown disturbance. Patrick fired a "dummy" warhead withing 100 meters of the 'bogey,' and positively identified it as a Klingon mine which was possibly placed there as a diversion.

In 2374, Johnathan once again flew this fighter when a group of Jem'Hadar vessels engaged the Hastings. After a warbug rammed the Hastings, Johnathan made a blind jump to warp, avoiding destruction. Soon afterward, the fighter was discovered by the "Wild Roses," who transported Johnathan aboard and left the fighter adrift.

The USS Baldwin discovered the fighter in 2377. Patrick, now captain of Baldwin, identified the origin of the fighter by noting Sonya's call sign "Moondance" on the side of the cab. (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

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