Nathan McConaughy was a human engineer who served in Starfleet in the late 24th century. Among his assignments were the USS Dauntless and USS Pendragon. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Early lifeEdit

Nathan McConaughy was born on Aldebaran Prime in 2343 to Starfleet engineer Peter McConaughy and his wife. He also had a younger sister, Angela.


McConaughy entered Starfleet Academy in 2361 at the age of eighteen. He majored in engineering and starship operations, and graduated near the top of his class in 2365.

By 2370, he had earned the rank of lieutenant junior grade and was assigned as an operations officer on the USS Galaxy.

In the days following Admiral James Leyton's takeover on Earth, the Galaxy was assigned as part of the blockade of Sector 001. McConaughy grew increasingly wary of Admiral Leyton's intentions, and when the order came to engage a group of ships fleeing the sector, he sabotaged the Galaxy's phasers and beamed himself and several other dissenting crew members aboard the USS Beachmont.

Promoted to full lieutenant, Nathan fought with the patriot forces aboard the USS Chesapeake. After the war, he remained on the Chesapeake until 2378 he was promoted to lieutenant commander and assigned as operations manager on the USS Dauntless under Captain Timothy Barranco.

Nathan transferred from the Dauntless to Starbase 375 in 2381, as Chief of Operations. In 2383, he transferred to the USS Pendragon as chief engineer, replacing Lieutenant Ceej Whaldron.

Background notes and triviaEdit

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