Natima Lang was a Cardassian journalist, academic and political dissident. In the former capacity, she worked as a correspondent for the Cardassian Information Service on Terok Nor during the Occupation of Bajor. During that period, she engaged in a romantic relationship with Quark. The relationship ended in 2365 when the Ferengi bartender used Lang's access codes to embezzle money from the Cardassian government. She then left the station, though they still harbored feelings for each other.

By 2370, Lang had become a professor of political ethics, while secretly a member of the Cardassian dissident movement. On the run from the Central Command, she returned to Terok Nor, now Deep Space 9, and again encountered Quark. Despite their renewed feelings, Lang's loyalty, as a teacher, was to her students and her cause, and she left DS9 for sanctuary with other dissidents on Sedara VI. (DS9: "Profit and Loss")

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Following the Dominion War, Lang became the Cardassian ambassador to the Federation. From this position she worked to bring reconciliation between Cardassia and Bajor as well as between Cardassia and the Federation despite stonewalling from the Bajoran delegation. It was eventually discovered that the Bajoran First Minister, Shakaar Edon, was being controlled by parasites, and had instructed the Bajoran negotiator, Asarem Wadeen, to scuttle the negotiations. Fortunately the discovery set talks on a much more productive path for both peoples. (This Gray Spirit)

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Star Trek: Sigils and Unions continuityEdit

In addition to becoming Cardassia's ambassador to the Federation in post-Dominion War years, Natima Lang (Ilojan transliteration: Natiyma Laync) also did some freelance writing for the Cardăsa Star-Sentinel, the text-based division of the Cardassian Information Service. One of her first articles after the war was an opinion piece where she set out to posthumously restore the reputation of dissident legate Tekeny Ghemor. She conducted at least five interviews in the process; the following actually appeared in the article: Cardassians Akellen Macet, Bresul Yejain, Alon Ghemor, Mathenite Aurof-Mok-Jeju, and Bajoran Kira Nerys. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"A Weaver of Lives")

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In 2376, Lang made a run for the premiership of the new, democratic Cardassian Diet, but was assassinated aboard Deep Space Nine. (United Trek)

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