"New Beginnings" was the sixty-fifth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the fifteenth episode of the third season.


The first Romulan enters Starfleet, by the name of Ludeki. But the orphaned child, now adult, begins to wonder about his past, and how he came into being on Earth. Bored with his ship posting after graduation, he decides to join the more interesting and mysterious USS Phoenix-X - where he finally begins to learn of his dark origins.

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"Ambassador Spock, we would like to thank you for your help. I suppose, I’m not unlike another Captain you once served under... many years ago."
"You suppose incorrectly."
Cell and Spock
"An already disjointed political government, trying to piece itself back together, about to be annihilated in another feat of revenge."
"Who was the first guy?"
"It’s worse with Plutark. He actually made it to his destination."
Cell, Night Seifer, Cell, Amp

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  • This episode brings back Plutark, who was supposedly killed in the episode "Warfare": but revealed that he escaped and hid aboard the Phoenix-X with some of his crew for a week before escaping, again, undetected, to their safety.
  • The Romulan capitol city is named Ki Baratan in this episode, as it is in the Star Trek: Titan novel "Taking Wing".
  • The beginning of the episode flashes back to the Second Federation-Klingon War that took place for a short period on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • This episode attempted to explain the crew and features of the Phoenix-X as if a reader were starting to read the series from this point on.
  • "New Beginnings" went through the largest amount of draft changes during the writing process than any other Phoenix-X episode. The sheer amount of changes are evident in the .

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