The New Canada system is a single star system in the Alpha Quadrant beyond the Briar Patch. It supports a collection of five planets, three planetoids, two moons, and an extensive asteroid belt. The New Canada primary itself is a spectral class K9V star, which makes it slightly oranger and cooler than Earth's sun. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)




New Canada solar system

Starting in approximately 2376 in response to escalating raids by remnant Son'a and Jem'Hadar factions as well as the growing threat of invasion by the upstart Mulluran Empire, Starfleet entered the Trans-Briar Patch theater and established an orbital facility above Serenity called Starbase 901 to serve as a port from which to launch their defense and base new exploratory missions.

Ancient VisitorsEdit

There is archeological and geological evidence on many of the planets in the New Canada system that a race of unknown nature and origins visited and exploited the region from anywhre between a few hundred thousands years to several million years ago. The planet Hummingbird seems to have been exploded from within, there are geological formation on Tosnoqua that may or may not be ruins of an ancient city, Txamsem seems to have been stripped of all its moons, and hollowed asteroids have been discovered in the main belt. Most unusual of all are the three possibly artificial planetoids and wormhole aperture which orbit in Txamsem's trailing Trojan position.

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