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"New Command" is the pilot episode of the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series.


Three months after the launch of the USS Enterprise-B and the apparent death of James T. Kirk, Captain Edward Stanfield is given command of a new starship on short notice.

The USS Saratoga is en-route to dock at Starbase 11 after completing the annual Starfleet mapping of the Genesis system. Once docked Captain Stanfield and First Officer Leonin Amorek report to the Starbase commander Admiral Markoweitz, who informs Amorek of his promotion to the rank of captain of the Saratoga. Stanfield is ordered to report to Admiral Sondergaard on Copernicus Base, Luna.

After travelling to Luna, the Admiral informs Stanfield that he is to take command of the newly completed starship USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590) as her original captain was killed in an Orion pirate raid. With the ship ready for launch, a commissioning ceremony is performed and the command codes transferred by Sondergaard to Captain Stanfield.

After launch the Valkyrie rendezvous with the USS Akagi to pick up Stanfield's choice for first officer, Commander Andrew Miller. The ship then begins a shakedown cruise before embarking on a mission of exploration and discovery.

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"Maybe we have earned a few days R and R on the base, I know several of the crew would appreciate it. As First Officer, I think we need it Captain."
— Commander Leonin Amorek
"She's ready for launch now and I think you're the man for the job. So are you ready for a new challenge Captain?"
— Admiral Sondergaard to Captain Stanfield


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