"New Order" is the original pilot episode of the Star Trek: Unity (fan film series) a Fan Film Series. It begins in late 2384 - four and a half years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. It follows the adventures of the crew of Unity One Starbase and their encounters with terrorists and alien threats. The episode is the first part of a two part story, concluding with "New Order, Part Two".


After defeating the Borg, Captains Puto and Lewis take command of a new base and must deal with the destruction of a freighter by a Klingon Bird of Prey. But the day is only just beginning…

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"So let me get this straight. You placed a bet in the ship's pool that Captain Puto here would cause the destruction of Unity... Well I know Puto's command skills need improvement but surely they aren't that bad"
"WOW! Alien controls!"
"Sorry, commander, but my commanding officer cannot accommodate you!"
"Lets kick some Rakelli butt!"


  • This episode was filmed and released in January 2005.
  • Up until the last minute, Prax's name was going to be "Plat", but this seemed a little flat and dull so the name of a villain from a Star Wars computer game was used, and hence, Prax is now the character's name.
  • The first scene filmed is where Prax gives a damage report after Unity One Starbase is rammed. It took many takes.
  • The episode was re-edited into it's current form in January 2006 after the producer's editing equipment improved. Several new scenes were filmed and others were re-shot. A new starting scene was also added.
  • This episode was re-mastered again in July 2007 with improved visual and audio quality and new scenes.
  • "New Order" was re-mastered once again December 2008, improving effects and visual/audio quality even more. This version is now considered "official Unity canon".

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