Star Trek Expanded Universe

New Zion is a roleplaying game set in 2382 on a colony planet.

With the Dominion war steadily becoming a memory, many have gone in search of something to forget there problems. Until recently the perfect place for that seemed to be New Zion, where you could go to relax your problems away. With so much traffic to the colony, it was only a matter of time before something went wrong.

The whole planet is under quarantine after a mysterious biological outbreak has swept the planet. People are dying all over the planet, and everyone is looking for someone to blame. Tensions are reaching there boiling point, as some look towards the recently constructed Starfleet instillation as the source of there problems.

Within two weeks after the initial outbreak over 40% of the planets population is dead or dieing. To make maters worse, something on the planet has caused large spread heatwaves, several locations reaching as high as 114°F during peak times of the day. With the extenuating circumstances, the death toll only continues to rise, causing a fair few small groups to petition for access to the planet, in order to aid in the relief efforts.

The Federations has adopted a stance that the planet should remain quarantined in its current state of turmoil, until such a time as a cure is synthesized. Small shipments of food and water are sent down to the planet daily, the local delicacies having been deemed contaminated. This self created food shortage combined with the extreme heat, have lead to several small groups of looters to form, intent on survival by any means.

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