Ensign Ngaer was an Aurelian member of Starfleet among the captured personnel who fought in the joint Cardassian-Starfleet rebel force, the Thirteenth Order. She was notable for her obsidian-black plumage--but most importantly in the end, for her ability to glide for brief spurts in atmospheres near Earth-normal. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Upon her capture, Ngaer was initially assigned to a kitchen team that often incurred the disgust of the rest of the base due to her lack of cooking skills--understandable, of course, given that Aurelians ate all food raw. Despite this, she ended up relating well both to Ensign DeMarcus Rashad, who was also on her team, and the Cardassian guard, Midzour Prashek.

Ensign Ngaer participated in the Thirteenth Order's ground battle to take the Lessek shipyard. When she volunteered to use her people's flight ability to destroy a Jem'Hadar gun emplacement, Lieutenant Commander Spirodopoulos initially balked at the idea, considering it a suicide mission. Her insistence, and that of Gul Speros convinced the human to consent, and she took the fateful flight, giving her life to prevent the deaths of other Starfleet officers and Cardassian rebels during the battle.

The Cardassian warship Zerayd was named in her memory by Glinn Daro. The zerayd vaguely resembles a black-feathered Aurelian, and it was Daro's intent that by choosing an indirect homage, not only would the name be more pronounceable to the Cardassian tongue, but the Cardassian Guard would be more likely to retain the name if the ship were later absorbed into the regular ranks. (The Thirteenth Order)

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