Star Trek Expanded Universe

Officially, Nicholas Batali was the chief Operations manager of the Sovereign-class starship USS Yagami. Unofficially, he was a member of the Omega Force, a highly-trained team of Starfleet officers whose primary mission is to handle cases involving the Omega molecule and other matters where a fully-crewed starship is inappropriate. (Star Trek: Omega Force)

In addition to his duties as operations manager of the Yagami, Batali was promoted to first officer under Captain Adrian Dorsey's command following the death of Captain Oliver Bunnell. (Destiny at Magor)

Service jacket[]


Originally, Nicholas' last name was Pacitti, in honor of Joanna Pacitti, an actress-singer-songwriter who was fired from the 20th anniversary revival of the classic Broadway musical Annie.

However, once the facts behind Pacitti's dismissal from the 8th season of the US reality television series American Idol came to light, Star Trek: Omega Force author William Raymer severed all ties to Pacitti and renamed the character in honor of Mario Batali, a noted Italian chef and former cast member on the TV series Iron Chef America. (Raymer has since restored all ties to Pacitti, and plans to name a new Omega Force character after Pacitti, which will make its debut in the upcoming Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force storyline. [Some Other World research materials])

After the character's renaming, aspects of Honorary Iron Chef Batali's background, such as birthdate (September 9) and birthplace (Yakima, Washington) were integrated into Lieutenant Commander Batali's background.