Nicholas "Nick" Spencer (or Spence to his close friends) is a Lieutenant Commander assigned to the Directorate of Intelligence (DI), the division of Starfleet Intelligence that helps shape policy decisions. Nick leads a team that provides timely and objective intelligence analysis and reports on a full range of Federation security and policy issues to the President and senior policy makers of the United Federation of Planets. (Star Trek: SFI)

Life and CareerEdit

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 17, 2230. He is 37 years old. Nick is a bright man and knows it, although he has an affable Midwestern charm. He is happy in his choice of career – he is comfortable behind a desk as opposed to a field operative. He has a vision defect and wears glasses due to a Retinax V allergy. His allergy automatically disqualifies him from field assignments. He is single although involved in a romantic relationship.

Nick has a keen sense of history, and lives in Old Town San Francisco, an area of the city preserved as early 21st Century.

Nick is a survivor of the USS Minervon hijacking.

The USS Minervon Hijacking Edit

The USS Minervon was a passenger liner hijacked en route from Planet Vulcan in 2254. The hijackers were believed to be members of the radical Sh'ak'atar religious sect. Nick was returning from an Academy-sponsored exchange program at the Vulcan Science Academy. There were several other Academy students among the passengers as well. The hijackers took the passengers to an uncharted planet in an attempt to keep the Federation from rescuing them. The passengers were held captive for just over year. After a failed rescue attempt by Starfleet, Nick spearheaded the successful escape, but 23 of the hostages were killed. Nick was decorated for bravery by the President of the Federation upon his return to Earth for his actions in planning the escape and saving the remaining hostages.

The Minervon hijacking is used as a case study in the Academy survival course and as a result, Nick and the other survivors are well-known throughout Starfleet.

During the Minervon hostage crisis, Nick’s parents died in a shuttlecraft accident. He has no siblings. Because of the Minervon Incident, Nick is a little behind the curve in career development. Although generally an easy-going guy, when provoked, Nick's temper can be formidable.

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