For the mirror universe counterpart, see Nick Sather (mirror).

Nick Sather was a rogue Starfleet officer who, for five years time, served on a pirate vessel. (Star Trek: Eagle, Star Trek: Echoes of Eternity)

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

Sather was born onboard his parent's cargo ship, the SS Pearl. Growing up, Sather was around machinery most of the time and became very skilled in the craft. When he was 18, he entered Starfleet Academy to become an engineer. Once graduated, Sather was assigned to the cargo ship, the USS Quasar under Allen Clark and chief engineer Clause Elberg.

Defection[edit | edit source]

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In 2265, less than one year after being assigned to the cargo ship, he made some modifications to the warp drive without Elberg’s permission. This change to the warp drive caused an imbalance which sent the Quasar into a worm hole placing them in Klingon space. The ship was shortly afterwards captured by a Klingon task force under Commander Kruge. His boarding party stole the ship’s cargo of dilithium, killed several crewmembers, and sent the ship back to Federation space. Sather blamed himself personally for the accident and once the ship docked with a starbase, he defected.

Sather's ship

With Starfleet behind him, Sather looked for another source of employment. He was recruited by a band of pirates under Captain Seluk, an Orion. He joined the crew as an assistant engineer, but with his in-depth knowledge of Starfleet technology and dedication to his new comrades, over the years, he was able to become second in command.

Return to Starfleet[edit | edit source]

In 2270, the crew was hired by the Gorn to steal crates of classified cargo from the First Federation. After a skirmish with the USS Eagle, Sather’s landing party was able to capture his old friend Elberg and the Eagle’s doctor. But when Seluk planned on using a mind sifter on Elberg to get information he said he didn’t know Sather had a change of allegiance. He turned on his fellow pirates and helped Elberg escape.

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After which, Elberg was allowed Sather to return to Starfleet service and come aboard the Eagle’s engineering staff as a lieutenant. This promotion was short lived however as after Banner's return from shore leave he chose to not allow Sather to continue to serve on his ship. But because of his actions Sather was given a pardon and was given the chance to continue to serve in starfleet. (Star Trek: Eagle)

Sather in a life suport belt on the hull of the Zenith

His career on the Eagle would not last long for he would be re-stationed to the USS Zenith under his former captain, Allen Clark. (Star Trek: Echoes of Eternity)

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