Night was the Trill host joined to at least three Trill symbionts in his lifetime: First, the Gotens symbiont, as Night Gotens, then, the Xen symbiont, as Night Xen, and finally, against his will, the Seifer symbiont, as Night Seifer. He served as a Starfleet first officer and then commanding officer aboard the USS Phoenix-X in the late 24th century. During his joinings, he was most commonly known by his symbiont (last) name (i.e., simply as Gotens, Xen, and Seifer). (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Night graduated Starfleet Academy and served Starfleet for quite some time before applying at the Trill Symbiosis Commission. In 2365, he completed the program and joined to the Gotens symbiont after Rivera Gotens. Fourteen years later the Gotens symbiont was removed and replaced by the Seifer symbiont. ("The Links' Traitor", "Secret Shuttles, Part I")

Symbiotic joiningsEdit

Night GotensEdit

See: Night Gotens

Night XenEdit

Night Xen existed briefly in 2375. During a mission to the Breen homeworld, Night Gotens encountered a dying Trill carrying a symbiont: Xen. According to Admiral Theseus, the Xen symbiont had hit legendary status as being the oldest and most intelligent symbiont to live. In order to save the symbiont's life, Night Gotens had to temporarily house the Xen symbiont long enough for he, the Captain, and the Doctor to get out of the Breen system. ("Guinea Pigs")

Night SeiferEdit

See: Night Seifer


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