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No plot? No problem! is the twelfth episode in the Star Trek: False Vacuum series, launched on February 22nd, 2016.


For months, Sally Soundtrack performed speech-language therapy with patients based onboard Unity Three Starbase and she was the object of complaints by the starbase's commanding officer, Tara Whitten. Later on, the pilot responsible for some of the content of the waiting room's reading materials received a challenge, whereby she was to write a novel from scratch in a month. Said month was punctuated by a movie night, whereby The Fifth Element was screened, teaching duties and a few conversations about specific aspects of the book being written for the challenge issued by Carnegie Mellon University Press that allowed her to become a credited author if successful.

Once the writing of the first draft of Explosive Terror, the first book of the Novel-length Textual Product series, is over, another pilot offered her services to help Janielle write the second book, days before the result of the challenge issued by the editors were released.


"I scored two kills rather than one!"
Bailey Kilcullen bragging about her combat record to Sally Soundtrack

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This episode is inspired by a picture in TV Tropes.

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