Noric was an officer who had risen to the rank of General in the Ekosian-SS.

Early career

Noric had reached a substantial rank in one of the many military factions that made up the complex and violent political landscape of the Ekosian home world. By the time of the arrival of then unknown Federation observer, John Gill, Noric had seen enough combat to see the need for the unification of the Ekosian people. He was one of the early members of Gill's new SS faction and commanded troops in military exercises with ruthless dedication.

Operation Melakon

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In 2268 he was devastated to hear of the death of the Führer, even more so by the growing friendly nature of the new party leader, Chancellor Eneg, to their brother planet Zaon. He was given command of the planatoid Ehre as a training base for the Ekosion military. Unknown to the Ekosian and Zaon governments, he began using his resources to plan a plot to eliminate the two leaderships. He had is loyal soldiers swear an oath of secrecy about the new project, a nuclear weapon aimed at vaporizing the Zaon home world's largest cities. This plot was to be combined with a bomb at the Reich's chancellery by loyal Gestapo members on the home world. The full plot would be code named Operation Melakon.

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In 2270 plot was put into action. The use of the new super weapon saw the total destruction of the Signy island city along with the deaths of much of the Zaon government and Eneg himself. The massive beam was quickly noticed by a Zaon Cruiser and a squad of Ekosian luftwaffe star fighters (loyal to the ekosian government). Although the Noric ordered the destruction of the cruiser several landing craft made it out of the burning ship in time. These landing craft had several Zaon tanks and a number of infantry squads. The Ekosian and Zaon forces quickly attacked the rogue SS forces.

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Although, the Zaon and Ekosian star forces quickly over ran the SS base on Ehre, Noric chose to fight to the death on the front lines rather than be taken prisoner to stand trial for treason. (Star Trek: Eagle- Patterns of Destruction (Eagle episode))

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