Norman Craig was the operations officer of the USS Pioneer since 2378. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early yearsEdit

Norman Craig was born and grew up on Deep Space Six. Both of his parents were scientist aboard the station, working in the science laboratories. Both his parents were Starfleet officers. His mother was a commander - she was in command of the lab - and his father was a lieutenant. They told him that they got married on the station. With this background there was little guess work in what Craig wanted to do when he grew up.

Academy years (2368-2372)Edit

Craig left for Starfleet Academy at the age of seventeen, and graduated excelling in ship operations. While in the Academy, Craig became friends with his roommate, Chase Braga.

Jupiter Station assignmentEdit

As an ensign he was assigned to the Jupiter Station, to be the assistant operations officer. While at the station he was one of the fortunate people to met Dr. Lewis Zimmerman. He was called one night, by a very anger Lewis Zimmerman, who was complaining that he was not getting the specific amount of power that he had requested. Craig would later comment that the experience deeply effected him in ways he couldn’t possible explain. After his incident with Lewis Zimmerman, his superior officer promoted him for “handling the situation as I would.” Craig stayed on the Jupiter Station for six years, he was even there when the EMH or the Doctor from the USS Voyager came to visit with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.

USS Pioneer assignmentEdit

Craig never met Captain Benjamin Kelsoe until he was reassigned by Starfleet Operations to be the operations officer aboard the USS Pioneer. He was a little apprehensive about his reassignment from Jupiter Station, where he had served for all of his career up to that point, and he was comfortable there. However after he met Captain Kelsoe during the ship shake down before launch he decided that he liked him very much and that he was glad for his reassignment.

Starfleet service recordEdit


Extended Service Citation, Dominion War Service Medal, 2 Commendations.

Personal lifeEdit

He married Ensign Tracy Carson on stardate 59531.62. ("For Better or Worse")

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