A genetic copy of Candela Greene, Nova served as Juraan's mistress from 2380. Nova's cloning process is unknown to the Federation, although speculation has assumed that the Talosians may be behind her creation. Although a complete copy of Candela Greene, Nova has free control of her pheromones, and seems to be more Orion then Human. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet; Star Trek Crusader)

History[edit | edit source]

It is believed Nova was created between 2375-2380 by using DNA that was taken from Candela Greene before she left Juraan in 2374. It is believed from that period Juraan. who was weary of the Romulan authorities, fled to have clones of himself, Ri'Pak, and also made Nova. Nova was not known to the Federation until 2386 when the USS Crusader successfully capture a pirate Bird of Prey, and found Nova.

It was confirmed that she was a complete clone of Captain Candela Greene, with the only difference being their personalities. In 2387 she would escape Starbase 140 with aide of the Zentradi during the Shockwave incident. In 2388 she would surface again as a replacement to Captain Candela Greene. It was also found out she was carrying Juraan's child. As Candela, she tried to defame her character, as well as keep an eye of Starfleet intelligence. Fearing that the Captain was compromised, Rear Admiral Maxwell Gunn stripped her of command upon return to Starbase 140. It was later revealed that this was done on orders from Admiral Vanessa Lucifel to launch a covert plan that would place Commander Teshurr in the pirates lair. Nova, fearing they will find out that Lieutenant Eric Kramer, and herself were both spies, they fled on a runabout to the Denias system where Juraan rendezvous with them.

The Zentradi[edit | edit source]

Zentradi Gamma Clone, and Candela Greene.

It is believed that Nova was the first female like form the Zentradi ever saw. She also is said to be known to manipulate the Zentradi with her pheromones as easily as most other species. General Tru'al was so aroused by her, his had an obsession to created a Zentradi version of Candela Greene.

Juraan[edit | edit source]

Nova has an emotional, and openly obsessive relationship with Juraan. This obsession drives her hate of Candela Greene knowing every moment she lives, Juraan will always love her more. In 2388, it is believed she was impregnated by Juraan, and is carrying his future son.

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