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Nova Trek: A Universe away from the one you knew.

Nova Trek is about the Captain and crew of the FSS Enterprise- a ship in the Starfleet of the Federal Union of Planets. The Union is located on a different plain of existence from that Federation you've heard about. On this plain of existence, Captain Janet Tamera Kirk, her husband and first officer, Spock and the rest of the crew seek to defend and bring justice to the farthest reaches of the Union.

"Space, the final frontier. This is the voyage of the Federal Starship Enterprise. Her MIssion: To seek out new life and new civilizations, to defend and bring Justice to the farthest reaches of the Federal Union of Planets- and most of all, To Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before."

Nova Trek is presented as a series of graphic novels in PDF file format. Between graphic novels and original prose stories, there are currently 14 books- with 17 planned.

They can all be found and downloaded here:

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