Trapped in Earth's past, Captain Lex and the surviving crew of the USS Defender must try to survive a nuclear holocaust that will kill millions while ensuring history runs its course. Back in the 24th Century, Commander Patel and the crew of the USS Argus investigate a three hundred year old ship that appears to be the source of a mysterious signal.

Background InformationEdit

  • "Nuclear Time" is the third episode of Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus.
  • The prologue and first fifteen chapters were posted between April 26th and May 1st 2008, exactly 45 years before those chapters are set.
  • Much of the information about mid-21st Century Earth is based upon the descriptions given in the Novel: Federation. The events of that book are also shifted to fit with those of First Contact.


BRS Argus; Michael Bower; Hans Conrad; Daveney; USS Defender; Dulmur; Christopher Fleming; Ganoris System; Ganoris IV; Alyson Grey; Rebecca Halpen; Hanauik; Harris; Helen Jackson; Charlotte Jones; Harry Johnson; William Johnson; Richard June; Elizabeth Lisley; Lucsley; Jacqueline MacGillis; Raymond Maxwell; Sarah McGregor; Joseph Mendez; Agu Olabi; Optimum Movement; Optimal Republic of Great Britain; Richard Parsons; Bharat Raj; Richard Rhodes; Antony Richmond; Amanda Russ; Rashmi Singh; Timothy Somner; Adrik Thorsen;

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