The OSS Melani's Jewel was an Orion Buccaneer-class corvette converted to serve as a personnel transport in the late 24th Century. (Star Trek Online: Valkyries)

History Edit

Originally built as a corvette and light raider, the Melani's Jewel was adopted at some point prior to 2395 for use as a personnel transport. The conversion boosted the ship's passenger capacity nearly two hundred, but at the expense of leaving the ship slow and barely armed.

In 2395, the Melani's Jewel was passing through the Donatu Sector on a direct route from Drozana Station to Ter'jas Mor, ferrying nearly two hundred civilian passengers to the new Orion homeworld. Among them was Rema and a group of Orion children she'd purchased to train as Orion slave girls. This group included five-year-old Nita D'blae. The ship was commanded by an Orion man who was assisted and guided by an Orion slave girl.

Shortly after crossing the border into Klingon space, the transport was attacked by the Nausicaan pirate ship NFV Grumbak. The Grumbak disabled the transport, breaching the hull and causing Cargo Bay 4, where the children were housed, to open into space. Nausicaan pirates then boarded the ship, slaughtering its passengers and crew for sport. They were driven off by the arrival of the IKS Ki'tang, but by then all but seven of the ship's passengers and crew had been killed. Four of the survivors later died of their injuries aboard the Ki'tang. One of the remaining survivors, Nita, was not reported to the Orion Syndicate by the Klingons after they learned that she'd been bought by Rema (one of the other survivors) to be trained as a slave.

The fate of the Melani's Jewel after this devastating attack is unknown. ("Becoming Klingon")

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