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The Oberth class was a class of multi-role Federation starships from the 23rd to late 24th centuries, named for German rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth. (Star Trek Encyclopdia)

Ships of this class were frequently confused for the smaller Gagarin-class ships that were its predecessors. (Gagarin-Class Research Vessel)

Glenn-class and Garneau-class ships may be the name of the Gagarin-class in alternate continuities. In the Orion Press continuity, there was a subclass of the Oberths known as the Mercury VII series.

This class of starship was very versatile, used by both Starfleet and civilian crews, for scouting missions, scientific surveys and transporting crew and civilians. The standard crew complement was 71. Armaments consisted of 2 Type 8 phaser turrets and one aft-firing photon torpedo tube. (Strategic Design: Oberth Class NX-602 Starship Prototype: External Blueprints and Internal Deck Plans)

With the advent of newer designs such as the Nova-class and Korolev-class vessels the Oberth began to be replaced. As vessel went for refit Starfleet retires them and in some cases donating them to civilian science organizations. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet)

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