Oderint dum Metuat is the second chapter in the fan fiction story of the Star Trek: Grissom fan fiction series.


Continuing directly on from the events of All Rumours of Wrath, Past and To Come, the USS Grissom is once again diverted from her mission when she is dispatched to the Epsilon Mynos system to investigate the disappearance of Clive Saunders, PhD, a specialist who has worked with both Doctors David and Carol Marcus on Project Genesis. What Captain Esteban and his crew find at Cinera Base is deadly danger, and an encounter with a renegade Deltan which will prove lethal for the Grissom crew, at least two of whom will end their voyage here. And Esteban finds worrying evidence of Starfleet involvement in the Deltan's plans.


2271; Aabin; Aldean; Andorian; Apollo 1; Atkins, Mark; Battle of the Mutara Nebula; Beleah; Celembia; Chaffee; Chaffee, Roger; Chattman, Christopher; Childers, Brian; Chin'aila; Cinera; Cinera Base; Congressional Space Medal of Honor; Delta IV; Deltan; Distinguished Flying Cross; Epsilon IX station; Epsilon Mynos system; Esteban, J.T.; Enterprise, USS; Excelsior, USS; Fernando, Arunie; Galen IV; Gamma Trianguli system; Genesis Planet; Gerrard, Tawney; Gorn; Grayson, Tara; Grissom, Gus; Grissom, USS; Hathaway, USS; Hawkins, Richard; Hewson, Paul; Hunter, Danielle; Igoe, Robert; Jata, Bacari; Kahless; katra; Kennedy Space Center; Singh, Khan Noonien; Kirk, James T.; Klingon; Klingon Empire; Li-Eth; Liebmann, Michael; Lor'tu; M'Pursong; McAuliffe; McAuliffe, Christa; McKnight, Alexander; McLoughlin, Kara; McLoughlin, Kate; McLoughlin, Michael; Marcus, Carol; Marcus, David; Morrow, Harry; Muggle; Mutara sector; NASA; Natille; Navi long-range shuttlecraft; Oberth-class; Orion; Ottair, Stephanie; Pacifica; Pierce, Jeffery; Potemkin, USS; Preston, Peter; Prime Directive; Project Genesis; Project Mercury; ronta roast; Rura Penthe; Ryben; S'Raazh, Vindizhei; Sato, Rebecca; Saunders, Clive; Scobee; Scobee, Richard; Seipeál, Elizabeth; Serene Wind-class; Seyann; Solak; Spacedock; Starbase 67; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Medical; Styles, Lawrence; Telerinda; Terlis; Thorsen, Lars; Turner, Stephen; United Federation of Planets; United States Air Force; V'Ger; Von Braun-type shuttle; Vulcan; White; White, Edward; Whittaker, Alex; Wood, Rachel