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Murder on the USS Intrepid NCC-1738.


A peace mission to Romulus goes awry when there is murder on the USS Intrepid NCC-1738.

Memorable quotes[]

"There's the hero of the Federation I've heard so much about. Captain, it's an honor to finally see your handsome face. I dare say, the Tal-Shiar wasn’t exaggerating about you. You got into the Romulan capitol, stole the data and left without so much as a peep, you even had my former concubine with you. If I had got there sooner, you and she would be dead and I would be the hero. Anyway, that's not why I'm here. My mission is one of peace between our governments. I'm essentially an olive branch, so to speak. Commodore, do tell these nice people the mission that's in store for them."
Commander Lucius after meeting Captain Serek at Starbase 7.


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