Star Trek Expanded Universe

Oliver Bunnell was the commanding officer of the Sovereign-class starship USS Yagami. He also acted as executive officer of Starbase 115's commanding officer Admiral William Todman. (Star Trek: Omega Force)

Captain Bunnell was killed in 2380 by the renegade Klingon warrior D'Rak during the hostage drama on the second moon of Magor VI. (Destiny at Magor)


Captain Oliver Bunnell is named in honor of John Bunnell, a former sheriff of Multnomah County, Oregon, who is credited with improving the modern state of American law enforcement. He also hosts and narrates the television series World's Wildest Police Videos. Elements of Sheriff Bunnell's life, such as his birthdate (May 25th) and birthplace (Pendleton, Oregon) were integrated into Captain Bunnell's own background.