The Olympics are a sporting and athletic event, originating in Greece on ancient Earth. After a lull on Earth following World War III, the event was reborn in the late 21st century. By the 22nd century, the Olympic location would alternate every two years between a Terran city and a major colony. It became a Federation-wide event in the early 2160s.

Summer GamesEdit

Gymnast Emony Dax competed in the 2224 Olympic Games on Aldebaran. Steve Tecklenberg was on Belle Terre's Olympic team in the mid-24th century. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Pendragon)

At the age of 15, Mary Barranco competed in the 2356 Olympics, as a member of Pacifica's swimming team. She took the silver medal in the high dive, and won gold in the 500 meters. (PDN: "The Utopia Syndrome", "The Significance of a Single Day")

What, if any, provisions were made for different species' physical abilities were made remains unclear.

Winter GamesEdit

In 1924, there were also Winter Olympic Games staged on Earth and held the same years as the Summer Olympic Games, whose events consisted of winter sports. Starting in 1994, the Winter Olympics were separated from the Summer Games by two years until WW3.

In an alternate timeline caused by the Q Continuum, synchronized skating was in the Olympic program for the first time during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, held in Vancouver (just like the real Games were) resulting in the second Canadian synchronized skating team winning the first gold medal in that discipline. (RIS Bouteina: "Limit at Plus Infinity")

Also, Mizarh watched the men's hockey final game of the 2010 Olympic Games with Putal, stating that it was one of the greatest hockey games of the 21st century, if not of all time. (RIS Bouteina: "Cigarette Redshirt")

Whether the Winter Olympics were held after World War III remains unclear. Also, as for the summer games, the question of making provisions for different species remained unclear.

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