"Omega" was the fortieth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the fifteenth episode of the second season.


The Phoenix-X is sent to purge the pre-warp civilization, the Vernalians, of their advanced and premature discovery of the Omega molecule as a destructive weapon. The stakes are raised when Captain Daniel and Lieutenant Matt learn of the Vernailians' efforts in something called the Sedeko Project. This project is basically the development of an Omega bomb capable of carrying a destructive capacity enough to annihilate their planet. When the creator's of the Sedeko Project go to war with their enemies on the other side of the planet, both the Sedeko Project's bomb is fired as a missile and a similar missile from the enemy is fired. The Phoenix-X quickly takes down into the atmosphere to handle the threats in mid-flight. The Sedeko bomb is quickly disarmed and beamed safely on board the Phoenix-X. The other threat is led out into space and sent through a Transwarp conduit to never be seen again.

Background informationEdit

  • At the end of this episode the Omega bomb is dismantled and locked safely away on the Phoenix-X. It would later reappear in "Occurrence, Part II" where it would be offloaded to a very remote location - and then reappear again in the episode "The Timeship", where the bomb would be transformed into the Combat android Omega.

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