Omega is the second story of the Star Trek: War Aftermath tetralogy.


A century before the Dominion War, the Ku'Vok-leth (The Honor Brigade) was a prominent military faction within the Klingon Empire. When the Empire and the Federation made peace, the Ku'Vok-leth became far less influential. Following the Dominion War, the Klingon High Council began turning a blind eye to the actions of the Ku'Vok-leth. Now, this anti-Federation group plans on using one of the biggest scientific discoveries, a single particle capable of destroying subspace, as a weapon. Retired Starfleet captain Benjamin Sisko must reunite with his former colleagues to stop these Klingon radicals before they can cut off a strategically important star system from the Federation forever. But this conspiracy turns out to be more than just a simple act of terrorism, as Section 31, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Dominion have a vested interest in the events of the next few days.



Deep Space 9 and USS DefiantEdit

Peripheral charactersEdit

Lieutenant Sam Bowers: (Tactical officer, USS Defiant; Earth Male) | Lieutenant (j.g.) Jonas Escobar (Deputy chief of security, Deep Space 9 and communications officer USS Defiant; Earth Male) | Lieutenant Ardolis Muren'Thol (Science officer and mission specialist in Officer Exchange Program, Deep Space Nine; Martosian male) | Lieutenant Simon Tarses (Medical officer, Deep Space Nine; 3/4 Human-1/4 Romulan male) | Lieutenant junior grade Prynn Tenmei (Science officer, Deep Space 9 and Flight controller, USS Defiant; Earth Female)

USS ExcaliburEdit

IKS GorkonEdit

  • Captain Klag: Commanding Officer
  • Commander Toq: Executive Officer
  • Commander Kurak: Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Rodek: Weapons Officer
  • Lieutenant Leskit: Helmsman

Other Klingon protagonistsEdit


Flashback onlyEdit

Vreenak | Luther Sloan | Gowron | Martok (Changeling) | Elim Garak

Political entities and other organizationsEdit

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