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Omega was an android from the Andromeda Galaxy, made by the same creators who had constructed Harcourt Mudd's androids on planet Mudd. His abdomen contained a Kelvan-engineered mini-chamber, which safely held omega molecules in suspension. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

Raekwon/Hexen model[]

Before the Andromeda-model, Omega was a Raekwon/Hexen-model created by the android Trunks and built around an Omega bomb. A reconfiguration of the bomb rendered it ineffective but still maintained Omega molecules.

When Trunks was destroyed, Omega was invited to live aboard the USS Phoenix-X, sometimes assisting in away missions. ("The Timeship" et al, Star Trek: Phoenix-X#Season 3)


In 2384, Omega was forced to abandon his Raekwon/Hexen-model and retake consciousness in an Andromeda-model android. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part III")

Memory files[]

Omega's programming and memories were largely based and downloaded from Trunks before Trunks died. These memories included a download from the B-4 android, who, in turn, had memory downloads from Data himself. When Omega was transferred to the Andromeda model four years later, the same memories became static and partial.

Memorable quotes[]

"I accidentally fell into the fire caves of Bajor. Luckily, I was blessed by the beings that lived there and set free."
Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Fantastic Method"

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