Omega was an android from the Andromeda Galaxy, made by the same creators who had constructed Harcourt Mudd's androids on planet Mudd. His abdomen contained a Kelvan-engineered mini-chamber, which safely held omega molecules in suspension. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

Raekwon/Hexen modelEdit

Before the Andromeda-model, Omega was a Raekwon/Hexen-model created by the android Trunks, and built around an Omega bomb. A reconfiguration of the bomb rendered it ineffective, but still maintained Omega molecules.

When Trunks was destroyed, Omega was invited to live aboard the USS Phoenix-X, sometimes assisting in away missions. ("The Timeship" et al, Star Trek: Phoenix-X#Season 3)


In 2384, Omega was forced to abandon his Raekwon/Hexen-model and retake consciousness in an Andromeda-model android. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part III")

Memory filesEdit

Omega's programming and memories were largely based and downloaded from Trunks, before Trunks died. These memories included a download from the B-4 android, who, in turn, had memory downloads from Data himself. When Omega was transferred to the Andromeda model four years later, the same memories became static and partial.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I accidentally fell into the fire caves of Bajor. Luckily, I was blessed by the beings that lived there and set free."
Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Fantastic Method"

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