On the Radio is a novel by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Hoshi Sato, after Charles Tucker III's death aboard the Enterprise (NX-01).

In 2162, Hoshi and T'Pol are given the task of sorting through Tucker's belongings in order to return them to his family, as he has recently been killed (ENT: "These Are the Voyages").

Captain Jonathan Archer suggests that they not perform this task alone. Doctor Phlox volunteers to assist T'Pol, but she refuses. Hoshi accepts the assistance of Travis Mayweather.

For Hoshi, who is reviewing Tucker's electronic files, one attachment stands out as the extension is an unfamiliar one. She learns that it's a music file, with all of the music from a disco dance party that was held for the NX-01 and the Columbia (NX-02) In Between Days: More, More, More!. She recalls that she and Tucker had danced together, and that he may have been attracted to her.

Meanwhile, T'Pol confronts Tucker's material possessions and becomes agitated. Major J. Hayes's replacement, Strong Bear Dawson, comforts her in her distress.

When the women are finished with their task, Archer asks why they didn't work together. They had not thought to do so. Hoshi gives T'Pol the music file as a way to understand, maybe, a little more about Tucker, and appreciate him in a way that perhaps she, a Vulcan, could not have before.

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