"Once in a Lifetime" was the nineteenth edition of the Star Trek Online Unofficial Literary Challenge, posted on the Arc Forums. It was the third challenge of Star Trek Online's Season 11, for the month of January 2016, posted by forum user marcusdkane.

Prompt #1 - The Officer Exchange[edit | edit source]

"The Officer Exchange" was the first prompt of the challenge, suggested by forum user sander233.

- in which one of your bridge officers is selected to serve a tour on a ship from the opposing faction.

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Prompt #2 - History Lesson[edit | edit source]

"History Lesson" was the second prompt of the challenge, suggested by forum user moonshadowdark.

Your Captain has recently returned from a Federation lecture about the importance of genealogy. After hearing about other people's ancestors, you decide to do a little digging of your own. What do you find? Any interesting characters? A lost war hero or an infamous black sheep? Write a log detailing your search or write the personal chronicle of the ancestor, from their perspective

Prompt #3 - On a Pedestal[edit | edit source]

"On a Pedestal" was the third prompt for this challenge, suggested by forum user marcusdkane.

A routine mission brings you into contact with someone who you have always admired from afar. They might be a renowned officer who has accomplished great things, or a scientist you have always respected... Perhaps they are an unrequited crush who you have never had the nerve to speak to, or maybe they are even a historical figure you have always admired... Do you tell them of your admiration, or keep it on the down-low? What is your idol like in person? How do they measure up to the image you always held of them? What do you learn from them in the course of your time together? Alternately, could this even be an instance when it may have been better to not have met your idol?

Prompt #4 - Epilogue[edit | edit source]

"Epilogue" was the fourth prompt for this challenge, suggested by forum user marcusdkane.

Throughout its history, Starfleet has visited thousands of worlds, and while some become Federation members or resource worlds, others seem to slip through the cracks. With the Undine influence creeping through the quadrant, command has ordered you to visit a planet first explored by your favourite Starfleet crew. What has happened since their visit, and how do they fit into the Galaxy now?
For example:
Did anyone ever settle on Archer's Planet?
What happened to the androids of Mudd's planet?
Are the people of Malcor III finally ready for first contact?

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  • This was the first Challenge to have four prompts.

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