With the USS Enterprise in the Briar Patch, the USS Ticonderoga is sent to fix her up. Meanwhile, USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum takes Captain Picard's initial mission, and walks into a trap

Log EntriesEdit

Squadron log, Stardate 52539.8: Ticonderoga is expected to be released from its refit today. It's first mission back from three months out of the action will take her on a more diplomatic mission.
Captain's log, Stardate 52542.4: We have arrived at the Goran system. Untangling diplomatic solutions is not my specialty, but handling them comes with the Center Seat.
Ship's log, Supplemental: We have arrived in the Briar Patch. I am leading an away team to make emergency repairs on the Enterprise, while the diplomatic corps straightens out arrangements with the Ba'ku.
— Recorded by Karen Merrill
Captain's log, Stardate 52547.7: We have remained near the Goran system for some time. Meanwhile, Captain Picard and I have heard from my second officer regarding becoming a cultural envoy to the Ba'ku world. My first officer, Reinette Hernandez, also heard about it as has also submitted a request. I have forwarded both requests to Starfleet for approval.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"We're sending Ticonderoga. I want you to assume command of the ship. You will be responsible for carrying a crew of engineers and diplomats."
"There is a class-M world in the Briar Patch. The inhabitants there are warp-capable, but prefer not to use technology. The Federation would like to expedite the process of making them a protectorate."
Patrick Ingrum, giving Karen Merrill her orders
  • “She has the heart of a warrior. She is very skillful with her bat'leth, even though she has been training for a short time."
"I will consider that a great honor,"
"As well you should."
— A Klingon warrior and Laura Bennett, on bat'leth training.
"I felt that your service aboard this ship has been outstanding, and at times above and beyond the call of duty. I hereby promote both of you to the rank of Lieutenant."
Patrick Ingrum, promoting Sarah Allison and Laura Bennett
  • “Understood. Laura, you're with me. Bring your bat'leth."
"Aye, sir. Are you expecting a cold reception?"
"I just have a bad feeling."
Patrick Ingrum and Laura Bennett



Bennett, Laura; Dawson, Gloria; USS Enterprise-E; Merrill, Karen; USS Ticonderoga

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