Operation Telenoes
Part of Operation Telenoes
Date: 2384
Location: Apailana V
Result: Romulan Alliance victory
Romulan Alliance Mirak Star League
Annika Hansen
Leeroy Jenkins
Bishop Numida
At least 5 starships At least 5 starships
8 defense platforms
500 attack fighters
At least one starship All starships
Few losses Heavy losses

Operation Telenoes was the battle who led to the end of the Mirak Rebellion. Although the loyalist Mirak forces were intent on attacking the Apailana system, the bishopric was attacked by a makeshift fleet assembled after the GHS Marianela and a handful of other ships were sucked into a wormhole. The USS Vortex asked Starfleet Command for assistance.

The Federation dispatched a taskforce, of which the only surviving ship was the USS Bianca. When the RIS Bouteina arrived, she formed up with the Federation ships, whereas the IKV Naq'jej and the Gorn ship were attacking defense platforms. As the Vortex was hit by missile fire, Fleet Captain Jenkins decided to ram her flagship against the enemy flagship, a Mirak battleship. Meanwhile, the Romulans decided to attack the carriers, ultimately destroying them with phased plasma torpedoes.

As Mirak reinforcements arrived under the form of a Mirak assault carrier and a Mirak carrier, the fleet finds itself in dire straits. The fighters it brought with them made the task of the Romulan Alliance much more difficult. Ultimately, the assault carrier used its MVAM when damaged by the torpedo fire. The Bouteina distracted the three pieces of the ship long enough to get the Gorns and the Klingons to join the battle. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

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